Some wise people say that equipment doesn't matter, or the equipment doesn't make the photographer etc. etc. While technically true some photographs are impossible to take without the approrpiate equipment. This is even more relevant astrophotography. My daily workhorse is a Nikon D800. It's a camera that really suits a wide variety of different situations and was at first also used for astronomy.

For astronomy I use a Celectron C8, an 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Most photo of nebula are relatively speaking quite large so it gets used with a f/6.3 reducer providing an effective focal length of 1200mm.

Tracking of the sky is achieved using a german-equatorial mount, a Skywatcher NEQ6. To improve tracking of stars as the night progresses a 50mm f/3.2 guidescope with an effective focal length of 162mm is used with an Orion Star-shoot Autoguider. The software PHD locks onto stars using the autoguider and sends corrective signals to the mount to ensure perfect trackking of the sky even if the telescope is slightly missaligned.

The camera is a QHY Optics QHY10 boasting an APS-C sized sensor, high quantum efficiency and a cooling system capable of dropping the sensor to 40 degC below ambient.

The only thing missing is clear skies and a location free of light pollution